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Lima HealthCare Kuala Lumpur - the leading provider of home health care, supplies and equipment.

About Lima HealthCare KL - Caregivers


.A certified Caregiver, carer or support worker is one who helps an individual with activities of daily living. Lima HealthCare Caregivers who are all certified professional Caregivers often attend training and qualify to graduate in an approved institutiom approved by the Ministry f Health before they are assigned to serve


At Lima HealthCare Kuala Lumpur. we have the responsibility to provide the best. Caregivers are not Domestic Helpers, they may at times help in chores but Caregivere are trsined intensively to focus on their patient


A Medical Doctor is at hand to give advice and consultation to our Caregivers

Let us know your needs and we will be glad to serve

Nothing is motr important than Health.  Health is Wealth

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